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The first set of movies is from the East Coast Enduro Association races from the 2001-2002 seasons. More to come!

ECEA 2002 vol. 2 preview 3.8 mb Quicktime movie, 1 min 5 sec
ECEA 2002 vol. 3 3.7 mb, Quicktime file, 1min 3sec
ECEA 2002 vol.1 preview
3.4mb, quicktime format, 58 seconds
Whole bunch o'vids! There are quite a few vids here, with helmet cam, minis...more.

Favorite Sites
Thumpertalk.com Excellent discussion board for any thumper!
Baja Designs Everything from dualsport kits to carb. jets.
Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain has the BEST prices on apparral and parts.
Four Strokes Only Anything you need for your 4 stroke.
Race Tech Best place to get suspension service and parts.
FMF Racing FMF's official site.
MX Talk This is a new site with good potential. Join today and tell others!
Buy-Kawasaki.com Offers diagrams and info for your Kawasaki.