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How to do: "Taffy" mod

Ok, you ready to get rid of that off-idle bog? Do this!
This is the "lazy mans" way of doing it...ie not removing the carb.

The purpose of the Taffy mod is to limit the duration of the coast enricher. Stock, it will pump raw gas into the intake for about 2-4 seconds, which is way too long; it causes a rich condition. After the modification is performed, the duration will be down to less than 1/2 of a second, just about right.

It really is not the hardest of things to do, very simple as a matter of fact.

First, you're gonna have to remove the silencer (removal of the header is not neccessary) and that black plastic breather box on the right side. This will let you get access to the right side of the carb. Then take off the tank, seat, and side panels.

Next, loosen the boot clamps securing the carb to the air boots. You want to dis-connnect the throttle cables (both of them) from the throttle wheel. Then turn the carb (while on the left side of bike) so that the bottom of the carb is facing you. It will not turn a full 90 degrees, but enough to take of the float bowl.

Take off the float bowl via the 3 allen screws. You dont have to completly remove the bowl, can just leave it around where it is already.
Now turn the carb back to the way it was, and go to the right side of the bike. Look at the pic: See that little metal rod with the boot on it? You need to remove it. That is the pump actuator rod. It just slides out; you will need to move the black plastic arm around a bit to wiggle it out.

While you're in there, pinch the 2 tabs together (arrow points to it in pic). This stop the fuel from hitting the slide in the carberateur.

Ok, now you are going to need a little plastic collar, size 3/32. Or what I did was take a chunk of old tire, very small (just bigger than the rod) and drilled a hole in it with a 3/32 bit. This way it is a VERY SNUG FIT on that rod...That is easier way to do it. It needs to be between 1/4-1/3 inch long. If you decide to get a collar, they are available at hobby shops as wheel collars. This wil be the stopper on the actuater rod.

Now, you are going to slide that stopper over the rod, almost all the way up to the bend, and put it back into the plastic arm. It is a bit tricky, but stay calm.

Now, from the right hand side, you are going to slide the float bowl somewhat back to where it is supposed to be positioned. The reason you need to do it from the right side is because you need to make sure that little rod slides back into the brass fitting. (See pic)

Once you have the rod in the brass fitting, push the bowl all the way to where it is supposed to be, and turn the carb back the left side, making sure that rod don't fall out. It may be easier to do this with 2 people, but if I can do it...

Tighten them allen bolts back up, securing the float bowl, and double check to make sure the rod is in the brass fitting. Now rotate the carb. to it's normal position, and go back over to the right hand side.

Remember that stopper you put on the rod??? The distance between that and the brass fitting should be roughly .024-.025 inch.
That is close to the width of a dime, if no feeler gauges are at hand.

Before you move that stopper, however, fill the carb with gas (attach tank hose and turn petcock on for a sec, then take it away) and give it a few (2-3) full throttle twists.

This primes the AC pump. If you don't do this, no gas at all will be pumped. Just a warning!!!

OK, got the pump primed, slide that stopper down the rod to .025 inch distance between stopper and brass fitting the rod goes into.

And you are done!!!

Just straighten carb out, tighten clamps, attach cables, and put tank/plastic back on, plastic canister, silencer...

And then you have done the Taffy mod.

If it ever starts to bog again, you may need to prime the pump by backing the stopper up all the way and giving full throttle twist, and make sure there is gas in the carb. Then adjust the stopper to where it was before...
If you ever run the bike completly dry of gas, you may need to prime the pump as well.

Let it be known that it is probably easier to do this by removing the carb. All you have to do for that is remove all plastic in rear + tank and silencer, loosen top subframe bolt, remove lower bolts, and loosen one of the clamps on the intake side of carb. Then pivot the subframe up and the carb slips right out after loosening the clamps.